What is Bosveld Hunters and Game Conservation Association?


As the name the name indicates, BHC has two main functions. Firstly, the hunter, and everything that is associated therewith. Think of ethical codes, rules, laws and regulations for hunting to be enjoyed as a controlled sport. One of BJV's main objectives is to always obtain hunting opportunities for its members.


There already exist 20 associations like BHC with a total of 20 000 members. Most of these associations are linked to the main umbrella of CHASA, which also speaks for the hunter in South Africa. In this way, opinions were heard on government level regarding the hunter in general.


It can rightly be said that hunters who are not members of a hunters association, benefit from the work done by associations like BHC and CHASA – without CHASA, the limitations placed on the hunter by the firearms act, would have been more onerous.


Secondly, each hunter has to protect nature and wildlife to ensure that he will be able to practise his sport in the future. The inexpert use of our nature reserves can cause incalculable damage to our wildlife. This is why CHASA assists entities which undertake studies in this regard on an ongoing basis. There has been financial assistance given to various projects like the relocation of the Lichtenstein Hartbeest, the Roan and Bushbuck in cultivated forestry areas, the study of death of Kudu, the back breeding of the "extinct" Quagga and much more.


In short, it would seem that the preservation function weighs heavier with serious hunters than the hunt itself, because the last mentioned cannot exist without the first.



As a result of its membership in CHASA, BHC is an accredited Hunters Association in terms of the Law on the Control of Firearms, No 60 of 2000. As BHC itself became an accredited hunters association during April 2007, it is able to award Dedicated Hunter Membership to its members.




In short, the BHC does not have financial benefits. It is a voluntary association where you as member can make a contribution to the sport of hunting and nature conservation. You are invited to complete the application form and to become actively involved in what is important and enjoyable to our children and ourselves.